Video Interview: Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky star Anna Mouglalis, June 2010

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This self-sourced interview followed a competition I organised for ASOS Life, through which two ASOS Life readers won tickets to the gala première of Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky.


Blog Post: Dita Von Teese Interview, September 2008

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Behind the Brand: We Talk to Dita Von Teese

The wait is over, ladies! You’ve watched the video, you’ve seen the launch – now, to celebrate the arrival of Wonderbra by Dita Von Teese on site, we’ve spoken to the lady herself to find out all about it…

Dita Von Teese – burlesque star, old-school starlet and the undisputed queen of retro glamour. You’d surely be hard pushed to find someone better suited to designing a range of lingerie (and a super-sexy range of lingerie at that) for world-famous underwear brand Wonderbra.

The appropriateness of the collaboration is something that Dita herself acknowledges, and she appreciates that Wonderbra let her push the boundaries when it came to design: “I sometimes have eccentric tastes in lingerie,” she told us when we spoke recently, “and they let me do things that I didn’t think they would. There’s one bra in particular – my favourite, the Satine-Teese – which brings back 1950s-style plunging top wire, which you don’t really see anymore.”

Turning her attention to how she hopes women will feel when they wear the range, Dita explained it wasn’t strictly about wearing something for the man in your life, but rather the idea that “you can put on lingerie that is pretty and for you to enjoy that also does something amazing for your figure and gives you the kind of shape that you need to make your clothes look good”.

And, rather flatteringly, Dita seems to think it’s us Brits and our fellow Europeans that will appreciate this notion the most: “At times you walk into a lingerie store in America and you get the feeling that American women don’t feel that you can have it all [when it comes to lingerie]. They think that they need to buy things that are plain and simple and boring and ugly.” And functional..? “Yes!” she exclaims,  “Functional. But I think you can have function and style altogether.”

Now, style – and a very glamorous form of style at that – is something Dita knows more than a little about, but she got a taste of the functional side of things recently when she dressed as a dowdy science geek for The Science of Sexy, the promo video she shot for the range. “It was the very last shot we did” she recalls, “so everyone had seen me dancing around in lingerie for two days. Then, for this last shot, I came out of my dressing room and no-one recognised me at all. Once they did, people broke out into fits of laughter. I felt a bit sheepish and was like “ok guys, it’s not that funny!” But some of the men on the crew said “she looks really pretty like that”.

Speaking of the opposite sex, talk soon turned to men, with Dita revealling that one trait she particularly appreciates in a man is patience (take note, all you male readers!). “I don’t like to be rushed – that’s a requirement of the men in my life” she told us, before adding “I like men that are patient and understand that sometimes you hit a little roadblock and that you should not leave the house until you’re ready. Sometimes, I don’t leave the house at all – I think ‘ok, it’s not working out; this is a sign that I need to stay at home and read a book'”.

And so, now that she’s conquered the lingerie world, what’s next for the raven-haired beauty? “I’m creating a lot of new acts,” she reveals, “plus I have some exciting things with Cointreau coming up, which I’m excited about announcing, and I’m working on my new book, which is about eccentric beauty.”

All this and she manages to stay so perfectly polished. Jealous? Us? Absolutely.

Click here to shop the entire Wonderbra by Dita Von Teese range, and to read more from our interview look out for the November issue of asos magazine!


Blog Post: ASOS Wears, October 2008

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Asos Wears…


Who? Victoria Bolton

What? Buyer’s Assistant on women’s designer brands. “I’m responsible for looking after lots of lovely designer and boutique clothes (it’s a hard life), as well as planning shoots, selecting product for newsletters and our magazine, and raising orders (yawn). I do get to do some fun fashion things though, like going to the shows (and parties) at London Fashion Week”

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You’ll find a selection of my blog posts in this category (Blogs and Social Media). All posts by yours truly (along with a brief background on each) can be found in situ at the following links:

ASOS Today (under the category ‘Stephanie’s Posts’) – this was’s first social media platform, which I launched (in mid-2007), developed and ran single-handedly until early 2009. Covering daily fashion, beauty and celebrity news, as well as trend reports, celebrity & fashion insider interviews, regular features and daily shopping recommendations, ASOS Today grew to an average of 25,000 uniques per day and proved to the business the power and value of social media in engaging consumers. Sadly ASOS Today is now defunct, having morphed into the community platform ASOS Life in early 2009, which I still contribute to – and, on that note…

ASOS Life – marking the rise of the ‘social shopping’ phenomenon, ASOS Life launched in early 2009 with the primary goal of engaging’s customers via audience-appropriate content and an online place to discuss not just things all things ASOS, but all things fashion in general. Despite a hectic schedule working on content for newsletters, homepages and online features, I continue to contribute to ASOS Life occasionally.

Blog Post: Celebrity Feature, December 2008

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2008: A Year In Fashion

We’re sure we’re not alone in our disbelief that 2008 is drawing to a close and 2009 is about to begin – this year has flown by! But what a year it’s been. Having entertained ourselves in the office these last few days by taking a bit of a look back at our blog posts from the year, we thought we’d share with you our celebrity and fashion highlights from every month of 2008 – enjoy and have a good one tonight!

With everything that’s happened to her in recent years (falling out with BFF Paris Hilton, coming under attack for her ever-increasing weight loss and a brush with the law for driving under the influence to name just a few things), who wasn’t over the moon when Nicole Richie met and fell in love with Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden, settled down and fell pregnant with the pair’s first child? Following a super-stylish pregnancy full of maxi dresses and oversized jersey pieces, Nicole welcomed daughter Harlow Winter Kate into the world on 11th January – and, judging from what we’ve seen of her so far, little Harlow looks set to follow in her mum’s stylish footsteps.

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Blog Post: Nicola Roberts Interview, May 2008

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EXCLUSIVE – We Talk Beauty With Girls Alouds’ Nicola

With Nicola Roberts’ Dainty Doll make-up range – developed especially for pale-skinned girls in conjunction with Jelly Pong Pong and for the TV show The Passions of Girls Aloud – proving so popular with you ladies, we figured it was high time we spoke to the Girls Aloud beauty about it. Here’s what she had to say when we chatted earlier today…

First of all, congratulations on the Dainty Doll range. It was obviously a very personal project for you – what was your motivation behind it?

I’ve always had a problem finding make-up products for pale skin – there are products for light and fair skin, but nothing for really pale – so I understood the issue girls were facing. I spent a good few years hiding behind fake tan, but it didn’t make me happy. But when I stopped using it, I found there was absolutely nothing make-up wise for me – everything was always 3-4 shades too dark. It was an absolute nightmare and I just felt it wasn’t fair – every woman’s entitled to feel beautiful, but I didn’t have the tools I needed. So I decided to do something about it.

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Blog Post: Celebrity News, February 2009

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ELLE Style Awards ’09 – New Crowd Vs Old Crowd

What a busy old time it’s been in London Town recently! Following Sunday night’s BAFTAs, last night it was time for the fashion industry to honour it’s best dressed, as ELLE magazine held their annual Style Awards…


And there was a definite split in the stylish crowd that braved the cold and put in an appearance at the bash, between the ‘old cool crowd’ and the ‘new cool crowd’. Of the new crowd in attendance, Tamsin Egerton and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley were the style winners in our eyes – St. Trinian’s actress Tamsin put her slim, 5’10” frame to good use in a bandeau top and an unusual, full-length puffball skirt, whilst Burberry face Rosie – who won Best Model – looked gorgeous in a pale green drapey dress.

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Blog Post: Patricia Field Exclusive Video Content, February 2009

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Daily Shop – Fashion Fix Friday

Today’s Daily ShopConfessions of a Shopaholic and Patricia Field Special!

We’ve got a very special ‘Daily Shop’ for you today – with an online video exclusive from the Costume Designer of our favourite new movie, Confessions. And, oh yes, did we forget to mention that said stylist is none other than Sex and the City fashionista and all-round style guru Patricia Field! Here she takes us on a whistlestop fashion-tour of Confessions’ most fabulous looks and the inspirations behind them. We top it all off by showing you how to ‘get the look,’ right here at asos without breaking the bank. Enjoy!

GET THE LOOK! Inject a hit of this season’s 80s glamour with lace gloves and a voluminous colour pop pink dress – layer tutus underneath to give this look the Patricia treatment!


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