Alexa Chung’s best ever outfits to celebrate her 30th birthday

As the style icon turns 30, let’s celebrate with a look back through her best ever looks

Originally posted on MSN UK, November 2014


Today (5 Nov) is Alexa Chung’s birthday which, in the fashion world, is a very good cause for celebration indeed. The woman practically invented the Peter Pan collar, after all.

And whilst we wait with bated breath to see what killer outfit the model-slash-DJ-slash-presenter-slash-author pulls out for her b’day celebrations – will she go for a runway-to-real-life frock? A darling dress with a leather jacket slung over it? A bejewelled pair of denim cut-offs?? – we’ve decided to mark the passing of her 30th with a look back through the style archives at her best ever outfits.

From red carpet cool and festival perfection to 101 ways with denim (seriously, the woman’s collection is out of control), click through the images below to see the very best of Alexa’s enviable wardrobe over the years.


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