16 style icons who owned the 90s

The 90s are BACK, yo – here’s how to wear the decade’s key trends now

Originally posted on MSN UK, April 2014


Calling all 90s kids! Cast your minds back to a time when hair mascara, cargo pants and – if you were really lucky – a Sony Discman were the height of sophistication.

If you cringe at the thought of your in the 90s self – with specific reference to that borderline-obsessive crush on Peter Andre/Dean Cain/James Van Der Beek (delete as appropriate) – then take heart, because the decade is back.

In recent seasons lost trends from the 1990s have been celebrated on the runways, from Cara D’s grunge girl style to the return of clean-cut minimalism. Given the current appetite for all things 1990s, it seems only right that we pay homage to the women who pioneered the decade’s style in the first place.

Some still look achingly hip after all these years, others are a little jarring when viewed through today’s fashion lense, but all deserve a place in the 90s style canon.

But let’s face it – Spliffy jeans and Geri Halliwell’s union flag dress aren’t likely to become the last word in cool anytimethis decade. Which is why we’ve shown you how to reference these 90s fashion icons’ looks right now – without looking like a total LOSER.

Click through the images below to discover the cream of 90s style  and how to recreate their looks today.


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