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Behind The Brand – Jo Wood Organics

With some of you commenting so highly on Jo Wood Organics, the luxurious, 100% organic beauty brand from Rolling Stone Ronnie’s wife, plus our beauty blogger Bethan Cole waxing lyrical about her products, we figured it was high-time we spoke to the beautiful lady herself. From her daughter Leah to only eating organic to the possibility of a future clothing range, here’s what she had to say when we caught up with her recently…

Hi Jo, how are you doing?Jowood_4

I’m doing fine, thank you.

First of all – what inspired you to set up Jo Wood Organics?

Well, I had been organic for a long time and I was looking for beautiful organic products to put in my bathroom and I just couldn’t find anything; I used to have to buy lovely bottles at flea markets and put oils into the bottles. Then my brother gave me a book of recipes to make fragrant oils for face and body, so I started making them up in my bathroom. And then my friend said to me, “Jo, why don’t you do that properly?” and I said “no”. Then I went away and thought, “why not? Let’s give it a go”. So I did!

The latest addition is the Everyday range – tell us about that.

We decided to do a diffusion range because I really wanted to get the organic beauty word out there. I thought “I need to do a diffusion range so it’s more accessible to people”. I really adore this range.

Us too! What would you say is your favourite product from the range?

My salt scrub – I use that every day, ha ha! And from my original range, it’s my body oil.

Looking at the names of all your products, there’s obviously a big African influence. Why is that?

Well, ‘Usika‘ and ‘Amka‘ are Kenyan Swahili names – I love going to Kenya. ‘Amka’ means ‘to wake’ and ‘usika’ means ‘night time’. Plus, my mum’s from South Africa, and there’s this song she used to sing to me as a kid [sings]tula, tula mama, tula” which means “quiet, quiet”. And then ‘Langa‘ means ‘sunshine’, which I also got from my mum.

Mum’s are good for things like that!

Yes, they are, aren’t they!?

On the subject of family, your daughter Leah got involved in the project as a model – how was that?

It was great! I was worrying to myself “oh god, I need a model”. And I’m sitting there thinking about it and then looked at my daughter and thought “Jo, come on, she’s right here in front of you!” So I just said “Leah, will you be my girl for my Everyday range?” and she said “oh, I’d love to mum!”


You’ve lived a very full, rock ‘n’ roll life, yet still look absolutely flawless and amazing…

Aw, thank you!

What would be your top five beauty tips?

I always, always take my make-up off. I believe you should nourish at night and protect during the day, so I do that too. Plus, I drink loads of green tea, I exercise and I only eat organic food.

Back in the day you used to present trend reports for the BBC, and you’ve styled your husband’s stage clothes – any plans to do a clothing line?

No, I’ve often thought about it, but I’m so much in love with doing my beauty range. But, you know, never say never!


We’ve got some goregous products from the Everyday range to giveaway, kindly donated by Jo. The winner will receive their choice of either the Tula or Langa set, along with a signed copy of Jo’s book Naturally.

To enter, just answer this simple (and answered-above!) question…

What does the African word “langa” mean?

Email your answer, along with your name, address and preferred set (Tula or Langa) to us on, making sure you put “I Heart Jo Wood” as the subject. You’ve got until midnight on Thursday 11th to enter and we’ll announce the lucky winner afterwards.





I love Jo Wood Organics. Her products are so rich and sophisticated. I absolutely love her soy candles. I have a hard time finding her in the US, but sells her products along with a number of other organic beauty treats.

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